Use our short time on earth to make this a more hospitable place to live, for all. 


Made history at the age of 14 when Seba became the Youngest Alpine Ski Racer in Olympic History & First Black Female in the Olympic sport. 

Vegan since birth.

About Seba

In every part of my life, I have unwaveringly stood up for lives outside my own. Our time is short here on earth, and having come to realize that my life is not my own, my goal is to leave this a more hospitable place in which to live than it ever was during my lifetime.  Veganism is not something I chose to live by, it's something that I was birthed to live by. I am forever grateful for being exposed to the plight of animals at an early age. Veganism produces a change in ones body, but the impact on this planet and all of her inhabitants will be everlasting.  When you become vegan, I think you'll agree. 


Sparking conversations on how to help lessen the amount of suffering that exists in the world and encouraging a vegan way of life, with a vision that comes from the heart, and must be personally experienced.


Is continuous. 

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Pioneering Olympian

Vegan Activist

Animal Rights Advocate

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vegan since birth | two-time history making Olympian | writer | actor | Artist